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Bridging the massive retail gap with a unique data collection platform
How Mobee Works
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Which Brand is the Biggest Sweetheart?

How and why Russell Stover wins the hearts of shoppers during Valentine’s Day

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Many brands suffer from a
retail “blindspot”

  • Was the product launch or promotion successful?
  • How is the in-store customer experience?
  • What are competitors doing?
  • What factors are impacting retail sales?
  • Are products being stocked and priced correctly?
There are thousands of doors through which products are sold and services are delivered. It is impossible to monitor what is going on across all of them.

Mobee’s Solution

A retail intelligence platform delivering real-time data helping brands and retailers learn, take action, and measure execution or retail performance. The platform’s various applications help uncover what shoppers are really experiencing in stores during the path to purchase.

How It Works

A mission is created and Mobee collects data and delivers it quickly.

Coordinate Mission

Mission design though consultative discussion and industry expertise.

Collect Data

Immediate crowdsourced data collection nationwide.

Get Insights

Data delivered in a dashboard, set of reports, and photos.

Take Action

Turn insights into action!

It's All About The Data


All Mobee data is marked with GPS coordinates and backed by geofencing technology.

Survey Design and Techniques

We expertly craft our missions to ensure that they’re in line with data collection best practices.


Every piece of data is backed by a time and date stamp to help monitor trends and mission completion.

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