Mobee is Now Wiser Solutions, Inc.

Mobee and Quad Analytix Have Officially Merged

Retailers, Brands, and QSRs will now have access to BOTH in-store (Mobee) and ecommerce (Quad Analytix) analytics services from a unified source, Wiser Solutions. Under the new Wiser umbrella, customers will now have the ability to make decisions across the enterprise with a complete omnichannel view of operations, sales, marketing, and merchandising performance, all in near real-time.

The new Wiser provides you with the information you need to make better decisions across all your channels.

Most flexible and reliable crowdsourcing service in the market

Collect Data In-Stores

Analyze Results Thoroughly

We believe in a high-touch, low-cost customer success model where we don’t just tell you about in-store issues, we help you fix them. Our motivated user-base, composed of hundreds-of-thousands of smartphone enabled shoppers, collects the data you need with accuracy and efficiency.