Mobee is Now Wiser Solutions, Inc.

Mobee and Quad Analytix Have Officially Merged

Retailers, Brands, and QSRs will now have access to BOTH in-store (Mobee) and ecommerce (Quad Analytix) analytics services from a unified source, Wiser Solutions. Under the new Wiser umbrella, customers will now have the ability to make decisions across the enterprise with a complete omnichannel view of operations, sales, marketing, and merchandising performance, all in near real-time.

The new Wiser provides you with the information you need to make better decisions across all your channels.

Disrupting outdated in-store data solutions

Surveys, panels, mystery shopping, merchandisers, and other labor based services cannot provide you with the insights needed to take action quickly. Our unique process, crowdsourcing in-store data via our mobile app and integrating it into our business intelligence platform, allows you to take action today.

Every store counts and we’re there to help you capture custom, on-demand data in stores.

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Most flexible and reliable crowdsourcing service in the market

Collect Data In-Stores

Analyze Results Thoroughly

We believe in a high-touch, low-cost customer success model where we don’t just tell you about in-store issues, we help you fix them. Our motivated user-base, composed of hundreds-of-thousands of smartphone enabled shoppers, collects the data you need with accuracy and efficiency.

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