Can you manage your retail landscape from your desk?

By: Gabrielle Winant


Brand managers are responsible for increasing the value and performance of their brand. Creating, driving, and project managing a creative directive is crucial to their role, but oftentimes it can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of points and different departments to interact with in order to understand the current state of affairs. As brand managers know, the success of a campaign relies on the cohesion of all teams and a clear understanding of what is happening at the store level. With all of those pots cooking, how do you ensure they don’t boil over? It’s the age-old question of brand manager’s work; what if I could view the totality of my project from my desk? Seems impossible when you think about the possible pitfalls of a brand project- store inefficiencies, merchandisers unable to correct a problem quickly, and inconsistency from store to store. However, thanks to the advent of mobile crowdsourcing data collection, brand managers can view the totality of their project and pinpoint issues at the store level, all without leaving their desk.

A Brand’s identity and marketing are directly related to their success. Brand managers are charged with employing the right people to ensure that their marketing directives are executed correctly. Keeping track of merchandising partners and reaching out to store’s general managers can be a difficult job due to all the moving parts. More often than not, the marketing materials or vision of the brand is not consistently executed across all stores and this can cause sales to suffer. For example, old marketing materials are not taken down and stand in contrast to new marketing materials. It may take weeks to have correct an issue because of slow data return and at that point in may be too late to recoup the losses your product has endured.

However, utilizing a crowdsourced data collection service can help supplement the time spent reaching out to each team by showing you the specific problems. From there, brand managers can focus on underperforming stores and send retail merchandisers to these places. They can also view a comprehensive overview of their entire project through a customized dashboard. Search through customer sentiment and perceived value in seconds using data that is collected in near real-time. Our customizable dashboard saves you time but also allows you to better manage team members and stay on top of your projects all from the comfort of your desk.