Enterprise Ready Insights From Your Shoppers

How Mobee Works

After reviewing your current challenges and goals, we'll work with you to create the questions in your upcoming Missions.


Your custom Mobee Missions will deploy on our iOS and Android apps to reach thousands of shoppers (“Bees”) across the country. Crowdsourcing the data lets us collect it quickly across all of your critical stores and regions. Data will start collecting within hours after a launch.


Geofencing technology checks that all questions are answered on location. Expert survey creation and a human verification process ensures that every question is answered appropriately and delivered to you without errors.


Data will start to collect in your team’s personal web-­based dashboard. Custom trending charts, email alerts, and all of the raw data are available for you and your team to view and download immediately.

Already have a Mission in mind?

Let us know what information you’re interested in collecting and the locations you want to cover to get started.

Create My First Mission

Our applications cover all facets of operations, sales, marketing, and research.

We want to help you create the a Mission that will tackle your goals and challenges by delivering insightful metrics.

Some of our most common Mission applications:

  • Employee Training
  • Store Operations
  • Brands in Store
  • Display and Promotion Compliance
  • On-Shelf Availability
  • Demo Functionality
  • Price and Promotions
  • New Product Launch

Our dashboard is your mission control.

Mobee metrics, photos, and raw data files are available in the Dashboard for your team to access anywhere at anytime.

In-Store Verification

Images taken in the stores illustrate exactly what a shopper sees. Key in on specific displays, shelves, end-caps, facings, and signage. All photos are stamped with an address, date, and time to give you a precise snapshot.

Drill Down Into the Data

Sort and filter the results to understand what is happening within a specific region, channel, or date range. Look at the data by question or specific answers to determine trends and identify the areas to improve.

Export the Information

If raw data is valuable for your team, Mobee’s dashboard can seamlessly integrate with your workflow. Export raw and aggregate CSV files to compliment the BI tools you already use.

Nationwide coverage at a fraction of the cost.

Data is collected by a diverse group of shoppers all around the country.

Coverage Across the Country

Each day, thousands of Mobee Bees around the US are logging into Mobee while they shop. They earn rewards for the data they collect and you receive their data fast!

A Unique Group of Shoppers

The Mobee Bees that make up our "Swarm" are an accurate representation of the shoppers in the stores. We present Missions to a variety of shoppers who range in gender, age, income, education, and lifestyle.

Real-­time alerts get your attention now, not in weeks.

Resolve Issues On the Go

Set up email alerts to be sent out when something is incorrect or not up to company standards. Attention can be focused on fixing the problem fast, even when you’re not at your desk.

Mission Reports for a Granular View

All email alerts come with a Mission Report that provides a complete summary of the specific visit. You can access these Mission Reports in the dashboard too.

Sent to the Right Person

Alerts can be customized and sent to specific employees in an organization or even forwarded to a call center at a custom­ frequency.

Data you can trust.

The integrity of our data is paramount, and we have multiple ways to verify that all of the information we collect is accurate.

Geofencing Technology

Missions are only accessible to Mobee Bees when they are inside a designated location.

Unique Validation Process

All data goes through a rigorous internal validation process to check the accuracy and honesty of the user.

Time and Date Stamp

All questions and answers are stamped with the time and date to verify when questions were answered and how long they took to be completed.

See the Mobee dashboard in action!

Interested in learning more about the Mobee Dashboard, the Mobee Swarm, or the Missions we can launch for you? Set up a free 30­ minute demo with one of our team members to see how the platform works.

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