Welcome to Wiser

We are excited to announce that Mobee has merged with Quad Analytix, a leader in eCommerce data and insights. The combined company will operate as Wiser moving forward.

Retailers, Brands, and QSRs will now have access to BOTH in-store (Mobee) and ecommerce (Quad Analytix) analytics services from a unified source, Wiser Solutions. Under the new Wiser umbrella, customers will now have the ability to make decisions across the enterprise with a complete omnichannel view of operations, sales, marketing, and merchandising performance, all in near real-time.

The new Wiser provides you with the information you need to make better decisions across all your channels.

Read the full letter from Hal Charnley, new Wiser President (formerly President & CEO, Mobee) below.

Mobee was founded in 2011 with the vision of using mobile technology and the power of the crowd to collect the world’s offline data. Our focus was to provide in-store insights to brands and retailers alike to help them make better business decisions.

We have achieved this goal and have the great opportunity to work with clients ranging from GoPro to TrackR. This was made possible with a growing team of engineers, product managers, sales professionals, marketers, and more. We want to thank both our wonderful clients and the Mobee team for helping us get to this turning point in our story as a business.

 Today we are proud to announce that we will be merging with Quad Analytix, a leader in the retail intelligence, automation, and analytics space. We are joining forces under the Wiser brand and look forward to serving our combined clients with the most cutting-edge in-store and online data, as well as providing the tools to act on it in real-time.  

As Wiser, we can move faster in our shared goal and passion to bring the offline and online data collection processes together. We take it further than that with the ability to customize the entire process, analyze the data gathered, and seamlessly integrate it into our clients’ workflows. We are poised to provide real-time alerts to ensure that our clients can act on the insights they glean at scale, whether they choose to do so manually or automatically through the Wiser platform.  

Becoming Wiser marks an exciting chapter for us and furthers our goal of taking our in-store solutions to new markets. This way, we can accelerate data collection and actionable insights that are fundamental to success in the retail market and beyond.  

If you are a Mobee customer, you will soon hear from our team to make this a smooth transition, in addition to our expanded offerings as Wiser Solutions.  

To learn more, please refer to our official press release here.  


Hal Charnley

President of Wiser [Formerly President & CEO, Mobee]