Disrupting outdated traditional solutions with speed, scale, and efficiency

Traditional in-store data collection methods cannot provide the insights you need to take action quickly. Our mobile crowdsourcing platform offers multiple solutions with the most flexible and reliable services to help you take action on in-store insights in real-time.

Competitive Intelligence



The competitive landscape changes frequently within local markets making it difficult to create a dynamic in-store strategy. Our Competitive Intelligence Solution provides visibility into competitors’ stores to help you stay on top in your market in real-time.

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Lift Analysis

Understanding store-level factors contributing to sales loss in real-time can provide you with the insights you need to make changes quickly. Our advanced Lift Analysis Solution helps you quantify sales lift opportunities by combining our in-store dataset with established store-level POS data partnerships.

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Merchandising Execution

Measuring the effectiveness of your merchandising execution is impossible without mobile crowdsourcing technology. Our Merchandising Execution Solution allows you to make educated decisions to focus merchandising compliance efforts in particular stores based on real-time, crowdsourced datasets.

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Shelf Health

Establishing a well-informed shelf health strategy will help you improve your brand identity and increase sales lift at the store-level. Our Shelf Health Solution allows you to measure and analyze key in-store metrics affecting your in-store strategy and provide you with insights to optimize store-level efficiency.

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