Crowdsourcing in-store data collection and providing insights for retailers

Leverage 600,000+ smartphone-enabled shoppers to collect custom in-store datasets important to you.

Establish benchmarks and take immediate action to improve in-store results.

Outdated traditional solutions such as mystery shopping, merchandising partnerships, and surveys cannot provide you with proper insights to take action quickly. Mobile crowdsourcing technology is the only way to get in-store visibility at speed and scale.

Features to keep your stores ahead of the competition.

The retail landscape continues to change on a daily basis.  Our goal is to help you make intelligent business decisions based on facts, not assumptions. Our platform provides you with the ability to create customized Missions to collect data on any topic you deem important. Whether that be tracking employee training initiatives or indexing your stores against competitors; we have you covered. Set up in-store alerts with your dedicated Mobee operations / account team member to fully optimize the power of crowdsourced data.

Popular Retail Solutions

Associate Evaluation

Quantify the effectiveness of your training programs by evaluating employees at the store level to discover locations that need additional coaching to drive comparable store sales.

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Merchandising Execution

Monitor merchandising compliance efforts by store in near real-time and receive notifications when locations are not performing up to expected standards.

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Competitive Intelligence

Obtain visibility into your competitors’ stores to stay relative in a constantly changing competitive retail landscape.

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Learn how to use crowdsourced in-store data as a retailer

We do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Collaboration is our highest priority and we want to understand your campaign goals to help collect data specific to you. Our retailer brochure describes why it’s important to integrate crowdsourced in-store data into your already existing datasets.

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