Team Effort: How Intersection and Collaboration Between Departments is Crucial

By: Gabrielle Winant


A well executed marketing strategy requires communication from all fronts. When making critical decisions within any team be it Shopper Marketers, Channel Sales Teams, Consumer Insights & Analytics, it is imperative they are informed. With so many teams across a brand responsible for individual goals, it can be difficult to align and create a consistent message. Rather than viewing these teams as independent entities that all contribute their small part to the success of a product, brands and retailers should change focus. These teams are the lifeblood of their company and an aligned strategy synergizes them.


The impetus being; without visibility, none of these teams can effectively reach their goals or work interdepartmentally. With in-store visibility, teams are able to see what is happening at the store level and look at the same thing. Oftentimes, teams are using independent benchmarks such as sales goals, and trends in shopper behavior to understand how a product is selling. However, these benchmarks can work against one another without insight. Selling through a product or improper display and stocking can affect how shoppers view your product. Utilizing in-store crowdsourced information provides real-time data to make informed decisions, for all branches of your company.
Retail is an ever-changing climate. Companies need to be adaptable and agile. Real-time crowdsourced data is imperative to pinpointing where critical issues are occurring. Whether it be at the store level due to improper marketing or unstocked shelves, there are unforeseen hurdles at the store level. Without the proper visibility, teams may not be empowered to adapt in order to create a successful outcome. Thankfully, Mobee has the national in-store insights needed to help you succeed.